How To Know If Your Logo Design Is Perfect?

Logo designing is an art. There are certain things that designers need to look into while designing a logo. Since there are lots of professional designers out there, a question that often comes into mind is this: Who is the perfect logo designer for me? This question can be answered if you know what to tell a designer; whether the design is technically sound and if it fits your business. To help you solve this issue, here is a list of seven things that will aid you in the decision.

1. A Logo Should Be in Vector

If you have some knowledge of graphic designing then you may know that a logo should be made in vector graphics. Graphic designers do not use image editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop to design a logo. Instead of Photoshop, they go for Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw to design a logo. Why? Because these softwares help them design a presentable logo with vector graphics. A logo should not look blurred; it should look great in high resolution, and vector graphics software helps a designer achieve that.

2. A Logo Should Have Readable Fonts

All of the fonts that we see online are not necessarily legible when placed in a logo. So, it is the job of a logo designer to select and use readable fonts. A designer should never go for complex fonts, as it will make it difficult for the audience to read the company name. Some of the readable fonts include Helvetica, Univers, Trajan, Avenir and so on. Similarly, if a designer has decided to create custom fonts, then they should ensure that the created font is readable too.

3. A Logo Should Also Work In One Color

There may come a time when you will need your logo to work in one color: black, white or some other background. A professional designer usually keeps the colors related to the client’s business in mind when they design a logo. But they can also alternatively make the logo with 3 to 4 color options. Take the example of Google, Microsoft or eBay logos which have multicolors but they still look good in single colors.

4. A Logo Should Be Simple

Here’s a secret that most professional designers keep to themselves: follow the KISS principle (Keep It Simple and Straightforward) while designing a logo. Your customers should understand what your logo means to portray when they see it. In other words, your target audience must understand the brand message when they see the logo. To achieve this purpose focus on simplicity in design and the brand message.

5. A Logo Should Be Memorable

Another important point that a designer should keep in mind is to try to create a memorable logo. To do this, he can refer to famous memorable logos like Nike, FedEx, and Ferrari, etc. A memorable logo is one that is recognized by the customers even if they only view a part of it: color, arc, icon or outline. To design a memorable logo ironically a designer needs to focus on what makes the company unique and how they want to be presented to the target audience. Try to accentuate those qualities to make the design unique instead of relying on generic symbols. If your designer is finding it difficult to achieve this, then perhaps you can help them by directing their focus to your business’ unique selling point.

6. A Logo Should Be Scalable

A top-notch logo is one that is scalable. So, a logo should look equally good on brochures, flyers, and websites, etc. regardless of their size, placement or material. High resolution and vector files solve part of this problem. To check, view your logo design in all types of backgrounds and sizes to ensure it looks good without any graphical error or edges. The idea is your logo should look just as great on a small mobile device as on a huge billboard.

7. A Logo Should Be Unique

Last but not least, a logo should be unique. It should appear different than the competitors’ logos. A unique logo is one that stands out from the crowd, beckons the target audience to have a second look, and it is designed specifically for your business.

While these are the basics, it’s a good list to go with if you’re trying to figure out if your designer has created a logo worth your brand.



Tarif Kahn is Head of Design at LogoDesign.Net who loves sharing his diversified pool of knowledge in graphic design, web design and development.

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Tarif Kahn

Tarif Kahn is Head of Design at LogoDesign.Net who loves sharing his diversified pool of knowledge in graphic design, web design and development.