5 Tips To Build An Engaging WordPress Website

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One thing that definitely matters for a business is its website. If the website that you have landed on is not attractive, then most probably you won’t like browsing it.

Beginners may find it hard to create an engaging website that glues up its visitors. Luckily, today we are discussing about a simple-to-use CMS (Content Management System), WordPress. With WordPress, one can easily create an engaging website, especially with these 5 crucial tips. Let’s read along!

1. Choose The Right Theme

There are plentiful WordPress themes that you can capitalize on to come up with an enchanting WordPress website. WordPress let’s you find the themes as per your industry, for instance, if you are involved in a real estate business, then you can easily find WordPress theme that goes in line with the real estate business. You should make sure that the theme, which you are choosing is responsive, browser compatible, and search engine friendly. You can also visit the websites of your competitors and choose the WordPress theme that can help you stay in the competition with your competitors.

2. Choose Appropriate Images

Images have the potential to make or break your site. If you choose poorly designed images for your website, then your site will not remain interactive anymore no matter how powerful your theme is. Make sure you are using related images in your WordPress website.

The general rule of thumb to choose an image is that the images should please the eyes of website’s visitors. Since good things come with a price tag, you may have to buy stock images to make your website look attractive.

3. Choose Correct Fonts

In this busy world, the website visitors skim chunks of the website content they feel important instead of reading everything word by word. Therefore, content needs to be easy to read and understand at the first glance. Illegible fonts, however, will confuse the visitors enough to not to engage with your WordPress website and frustrate them away.

No matter what, the text on your website should be legible, and in order to do that; you will need the correct selection of fonts. Some very popular and readable fonts are Arial, Times New Roman, and Verdana.

4. Choose Suitable Colors

If you are familiar with color psychology, then you will not be perturbed, while choosing the right colors for your WordPress website. The most used colors for websites embrace blue, gray, and black. You may find the color, ‘red’ on certain websites; however, it is not that popular as the blue color. Make sure the color that you are using for your website resonates with the theme. Moreover, you must choose meaningful colors for your website to depict what your website actually is about.

5. Opt For A Unique Logo

No doubt logo is a brand identity; therefore, you will need a logo on your WordPress website to not only engage the visitors, but also portray your business image. Your logo should be relevant to your business. If your website is about finances, then your logo should make good use of the symbol displaying money. Similar if your website is about peace, then you can use the picture of dove in your logo.

These are the 5 great tips to follow if you want to come up with an engaging WordPress website. Do not wait any further! Make up your mind, and start making your captivating WordPress website from today.



Tarif Kahn is Head of Design at LogoDesign.Net who loves sharing his diversified pool of knowledge in graphic design, web design and development.

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Tarif Kahn

Tarif Kahn is Head of Design at LogoDesign.Net who loves sharing his diversified pool of knowledge in graphic design, web design and development.